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Most of the fears are learned during our life.

On the one hand they alert us and prepare us about dangers, but on the other hand they freeze or stop us to move towards that difficult or challenging.

It is here where our system can sabotage us limiting our personal, social, or professional development among others.

Adventure activities are an excellent tool to face our fears in a safe and progressive way.

It allows us to overcome step by step what we initially considered or would be able to do, but to achieve it, can be a clear picture that in life is often necessary to ignore our fears and move forward to realize that things are not as difficult or overwhelming as we originally wanted to see them.

This, therefore, can change the course of a life; improving self-confidence allows us to respond better and faster to situations or challenges that we are sure we will have in our day to day.

Adventure activities such as zip lines, rappelling, jumping to the water from different heights and many other experiences, can be this first step in a playful and voluntary way for both young and old to take the opportunity to dominate and overcome what we He says: you will not be able to.

It’s not just fun, it’s true human growth.

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