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It takes a lot of experience and years of knowledge to find the cenotes in the Riviera Maya.

Archaeologists from all over the world go into the jungles in the hope of finding one, some expert adventurers claim to know the secrets that take them directly to these sacred places, the inhabitants of the peninsula count on being guided by the whistles of the aluxes but especially for a bird with a very unique tail that moves like a pendulum and a bright plumage that reflects the sun’s rays, called this bird Toh.

It is called Toh bird because of its unmistakable song, it is beautiful, it is in the cenotes where this bird takes refuge nesting in the limestone rock and feeding on insects and lizards, although it was not always like that, because they also say that this Toh bird at some point He made no effort to hunt his own food.

The legend goes back many centuries before the arrival of the Spaniards when the Toh bird one of the most real birds among the Maya with a long and delicate tail with many colors, almost as majestic as the king himself, was as admired by the other birds, that’s why he becomes so proud and arrogant in front of everyone else.

Used to spending the whole day with the other royal birds in the depths of the jungle, the Toh bird does nothing but tell stories and eat insects and lizards that other birds take to him so that his beautiful plumage is not mistreated when doing some heavy work.

Suddenly one day black clouds appear in the sky foreshadowing the terrible storm, then the birds of the Mayan kingdom convene an emergency meeting to assign specific tasks to each of the species and thus protect each other. The woodpecker, the toucan, the pelicans and macaws are dedicated to cutting branches to make a shelter, goes the chachalaca and the turkey of the mount carrying the heaviest branches and the smallest little birds such as crows and oropendulas are responsible for gathering grass and plants to cover the shelter, other birds gather fruits and seeds to feed, the others are dedicated to alert the other animals of the jungle and all commanded by the king buzzard do an immense job to be prepared when the storm begins.

The only one of the animal kingdom that does not want to help with anything is the Toh bird, who says that his aristocracy does not allow him to lower himself to the effort of a worker, however the other birds ask him to cooperate or they will be in great danger when rain and winds whip the jungle, so without options and quite indignant the bird Toh occupies its place among the builders, not many minutes pass when this proud and delicate bird begins to feel tired and sweaty, so he takes advantage of an oversight of others and escapes hiding between the nearby bushes until he finds a better place among the cracks of a rocky wall and once inside the hole the Toh bird snuggles and falls asleep convinced that no one will find him, but does not realize that its long tail hangs out of hiding.

Hours later the Toh bird wakes up with the song of his friends the birds, celebrating that the storm passed without doing much damage and everyone is well, so the cunning Toh bird comes out of the hole and back to the shelter without any penalty, asking the others if they are not tired after such hard work.

The other birds confirm that they are exhausted but they affirm that so much work was necessary to save the jungle and its inhabitants what could have become a great tragedy and at that moment the others, all real, call the bird Toh and together they fly to their favorite tree , as always the Toh bird perches on the highest branch above the group so that everyone can admire its beautiful tail but suddenly, one of the birds begins to laugh pointing at the Toh bird’s tail, little by little the others do the same thing laughing out loud and telling how is it possible, your tail is scary, it will surely be damaged by all the work so strong that you say you did.

The Toh bird thinks that they are making a joke, but it is so much the laughter of the birds that he flies to the pond in which it looks and sees only 2 bare sticks hanging that end with a small set of feathers, like 2 arrows, horrified he realizes what happened and his tail to be out of hiding the storm destroys it completely.

The cocky bird Toh can not stand the humiliation of either his friends or that anyone knew the truth of his laziness and that he did nothing, so with excess pride he flew to the most inaccessible part of the jungle to live alone in the sacred cenotes.

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