How to get to Casa Boutique Hokhmah from Puerto Morelos? – Casa Boutique Hokhmah

Casa Boutique Hokhmah

Un lugar en medio de la selva en donde quieres estar.


If you decide to travel to the Cenotes Route and enjoy nature as much as possible and take your time, there is an economical way to travel it without the need for your own vehicle.

To get to Puerto Morelos you can take an ADO bus or a van from Playa Express from Cancun and from Playa del Carmen.

In Puerto Morelos you will find a collective route that leaves from El Parque de la Colonia to Leona Vicario through the entire Cenotes Route. The price is very economical and varies from $ 15 pesos to $ 50 pesos depending on your destination on the cenotes route and as an important fact the collective route passes every hour.

To get to Hohkmah the collective route has the price of $ 25 pesos and you can ask for the stop at the second entrance of Central Vallarta, once there you will walk a little along the route until you reach Zapote Street, a tertiary junction, you walk to the bottom of the street that is about 200 meters until you reach Hokhmah.

Dare to be an explorer, you will see that you will find a treasure in the middle of the jungle.

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