Have you been together recently? A lifetime? We have some ideas to get out of the routine. – Casa Boutique Hokhmah

Casa Boutique Hokhmah

Un lugar en medio de la selva en donde quieres estar.


Strengthen your love every day with actions and phrases of the heart. Dating is a great opportunity to do so, after the honeymoon, away from the party dresses. Renew your vows, relive the wedding night, connect your thoughts with love in genuine reunions.

Get out of Picnic
It is an economical and fun option. The place can be close to home, a large park, a place away from home. The best outdoor option, that is quiet and comfortable. The detail of flirting, kisses and smiles can not be missed.

One night in a hotel
New scenarios always refresh a relationship. Warm atmosphere, kindness and comfort, like what you can find in Hokhmah. Which has spacious rooms to recreate or overcome your wedding night. More luxury? Our room with bathtub for more adventure. You can request your favorite bottle of champagne or a playlist to surprise each other.

Go camping
Live your own romantic movie scene. Camping in a wonderful place like in the middle of the jungle, away from the big cities where night falls, you can admire the celestial vault. Be amazed by the heat of the Mayan jungle without worries. Hokhmah is your best option since we have rooms with balcony to live this wonderful night experience.

Outdoor cinema
The wonderful thing about Hokhmah is minutes from Puerto Morelos in Quintana Roo. Mexico, is the contrast of the warm Mayan jungle with the beautiful beaches where you could find activities such as outdoor cinema.

The beach
A wonderful escape in Quintana Roo. It can be a week, a weekend or a day. Watch the sunrise together, huddled in the sand, enjoy a local restaurant, enjoy a talk of the good idea it was to improvise, on the way home or to the Hokhmah hotel in the middle of the jungle. Take advantage of this getaway to celebrate a symbolic ceremony in the arena.

Get to know a different city
Quintana Roo has many beautiful places to discover how Puerto Morelos can be with its beaches or the Cenotes Route. Hokmah can be your ally to take an afternoon or a day to discover new adventures in this wild and natural jungle. Go on an adventure together, beyond where you don’t know. In addition, it can also be a plan for a small honeymoon in case you haven’t had yours.

Dance Night
An evening full of sensuality starting with dancing, leaving the everyday even for a couple of hours. Renew that desire to be together more often. Find your tastes and if dancing is not your thing, you can enjoy live music like a concert or a restaurant.

Adrenaline doses fall great even if it’s a weekend. Hokhmah has around it eco park and cenotes. Do not hesitate to glide in a zip line from the top of the “zapote” trees, take advantage of a quad bike ride, relax in the underground or open cenotes of the region. Live experiences together.

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