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Casa Boutique Hokhmah

Un lugar en medio de la selva en donde quieres estar.


The inheritance is still alive, Hanal Pixan in Yucatan.
In many of the beautiful albarradas of the magical towns of Yucatán, candles are placed to illuminate the path of the souls and prevent them from being disturbed by the “kisines”.

The fresh weather begins to feel from mid-October, the flowers begin to adorn the white roads, and arriving on the last day of October, you will surely feel that light drizzle, which falls because the dead wash their clothes to come to Earth as old grandparents tell us .
In the villages you do not hunt in the mountains these days, because it is considered that hunters are in danger of shooting the soul of some deceased ‘shooter’; and embroiderers should not work in those days, as they can sew the skin of a dead person.
The houses look clean, the courtyards also look impeccable so that the souls feel comfortable.
Do not forget, remember that babies are knotted with black threads in their wrists to protect them these days from bad souls, and evil airs.
In the villages of our beautiful Yucatan, the ladies of the house wash the benches, tables, “jícaras” and “hammocks” with “water and “ciricote leaves.
The men sweep the lots so that the souls are not responsible for doing so and for the “Pixanes” to come to receive the offerings, it is necessary to burn incense, and deliver the food with prayers and rosaries.

Death among the Yucatecans is not a “separate thing” from life. Hence it is part of living; Due to the inheritance of Mayan thought, the current inhabitants of our region coexist without problem with death, as something that is present every day.
In our culture everything is life and death is part of it. We do not understand death as the end, but as the perpetual beginning.
In Yucatan, when the souls finished their walk among the living, they dismissed them with equal fervor.

Among the dishes that were offered in those two days were the so-called “pibil kaax”, “pibil k’éek’en” and “pibil kuuts”, large tamales, that is, cooked under the ground, colored dough and seasoned with achiote, stuffed with meat of chicken, pig or turkey of mount.

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