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In Yucatan, death is seen as permanence and renewal. We all know that we carry it, since we left home, as a day companion, and that is why we are not fatalists because the Yucatecan Maya knows how to enjoy life too, proof of this is the patron saint’s parties or the celebration of a harvest. Life and death are united in our daily thoughts.
Listen, did you know how the table was prepared, long after the conquest, when the traces of evangelization were already seen on the Mayan altars?
In each house an altar was improvised on which a green cross was placed, symbolizing the “Ya’axche” ‘; a lit candle, four “jícaras” of “atole” new (corn dough drink), one in each corner of the altar, and a fifth in the center, which represents the cardinal points and the ceiba tree.
We also have seven piles of thirteen tortillas each, reminiscent of the “Tsol k’iin” calendar numbers; and four containers with pork or turkey stewed in achiote (Bixa Orellana) or chilmole.
And as in other ceremonies, a total of twenty-two offerings in honor of the 13 gods of the “Ooxlajuntik’uj” and the nine of the “Bolontik’uj” were sought on the altar.
The celebration consists of entertaining the souls of deceased relatives and friends with food, drink and prayers; the first day to children and the second day to adults.

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