Come camping in the Mayan Jungle – Casa Boutique Hokhmah

Casa Boutique Hokhmah

Un lugar en medio de la selva en donde quieres estar.


Casa Boutique Hokhmah offers you a fun camping activity for the couple every season where they will learn more about the jungle, its flora, fauna and spend pleasant and romantic moments.

The Mayan Forest represents one of the most important ecological systems worldwide. This ecosystem maintains an important function in terms of water production, landscaping, organisms and a great variety of species together. It also has a high ethnic and cultural diversity, the villages that inhabit the Mayan jungle depend on the same natural resources. There are representative elements of the Mayan jungle like the gum tree, the Ceiba and highly threatened species such as the red macaw, the jaguar, the white turtle, the spider monkey, etc.

Hokhmah Boutique House

Hokhmah is located in a beautiful and abundant Mayan jungle in Puerto Morelos. Being located at km 15.5 in the middle of the Cenotes Route, you will find multiple outdoor activities, in full nature.

Hokhmah is characterized by making you feel “at home” away from the hustle and bustle of the city and near wonderful Cenotes.

Hokhmah is the place to rest your being and your soul in nature.


A unique experience that will connect you with nature. This package is made for couples and includes overnight stay, camping house, overnight equipment, dinner for two, a dozen chocolate strawberries and a bottle of sparkling wine.

New Year Rate $ 1,500 per person. Reserve at
+52 (984) 876 3426

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