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Un lugar en medio de la selva en donde quieres estar.


Death as a tradition in Mexico

Tradition and tragedy? Mexico is one of the countries with the greatest natural and cultural diversity, in addition to having a unique vision…

Escrito por Emilio el 29/10/2019 Categorías: Adventures


The inheritance is still alive, Hanal Pixan in Yucatan. In many of the beautiful albarradas of the magical towns of Yucatán, candles are…

Escrito por Emilio el 21/10/2019 Categorías: Adventures


We know it when we see it, and we love the people who live it – the ones we can count on, always,…

Escrito por Emilio el 29/06/2019 Categorías: Adventures

Why face fears?

Most of the fears are learned during our life. On the one hand they alert us and prepare us about dangers, but on…

Escrito por Emilio el 27/06/2019 Categorías: Adventures

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